How to create a softball tshirt design

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softball tshirt design examples

Step 1: Sketch your Softball t shirt design on a piece of paper. Sketch the softball and softball team lettering on the t-shirt design with how you want the softball t-shirt to look.

Step 2: Create each element in Adobe Illustrator. Draw the softball illustration with the Adobe Illustrator pen tool.

Step 3: To create a great softball t-shirt template you must look at other examples to see what looks good. Don’t forget to make your softball t-shirt design a little different. You don’t want to copy other t-shirt designers and their work.

Step 4: Ok, so the softball t-shirt design is ready to save. Save your softball t-shirt illustration as an EPS file to your hard-drive.

That’s all you need to do to create a softball t-shirt design. Thanks for reading. Go to our softball t-shirt design examples to view softball t-shirts designed in illustrator.